About Us

Infinity Solvochem is emerging as trusted name in Indian Chemicals and Pharma distribution cover all major markets with our extensive product and service portfolio. We are specialised in international sourcing, marketing and indenting of Industrial Chemicals and Solvents such as polymers, monomers, fine chemicals, petrochemicals, Dyes Coatings and Intermediates of pharmaceuticals etc. We are associated with major manufacturers and traders in the field of chemicals and Pharmaceuticals.

We continuously strive to provide wide range of products and competitive offers to our customers from all around the globe and other parallel services. We also help to expand the market reach and to build product brand value of the suppliers. We continuously make every effort for win-win situation between the parties and success for all concern.


Our mission is to provide wide range of products, latest market information and global reach to our clients in order to increase their business.


To become well trusted name in global chemical and pharma market by providing superior relationship – led services to clients while ensuring that all our activities are driven by commitment and integrity.